The Beauty of Wax Melts

The Beauty of Wax Melts

Wax melts are the wax pieces that are made to be heated lightly to give you pleasant fragrance. They are much like the scented candles, but they need wax warmer to melt the wax. Most people have found it safer, inexpensive and convenient as compared to as candles. You can use wax melts wherever you want. Above all, they can be stored in a bag and even in the pocket due to their small size. More importantly, they are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and flame-free, making them first choice in home fragrance. If you consider trying them for the first time, the following reasons will tell you why you should bring this home fragrance to your home.


1: Wax melts are flame-free

Luxury candles look great, but its exposed flame has a risk of the fire accident. Wax warmers require power while candles require a flame. The wax melts cubes can be warmed on the wax warmers that contain built-in heater or light bulb. This ceramic heater can be located inside the warmer enough to warm the wax tart and release the pleasant scent in just five to ten minutes. 


2: Longer Lasting Fragrance

Most people ask either wax melts are stronger than scented candles are not. Research suggests that candles that release 7% more scent leads to wick issues and burst upon lighting. On the other hand, wax melts can hold around 10 to 12% fragrance. It has a non-toxic and cleaner burn that releases the non-tainted scent. Moreover, this scent lasts longer.


3: No Soot

Candles leave soot, that’s why we put them in a safe place where no shelves or ceiling close to it when lighting candles. The curtains or ceilings will be discolored over time due to the candle soot deposit. Furthermore, this soot can cause respiratory problems when you inhale it. The more common respiratory problem is breathlessness. Above all, this can be a catalyst of stroke, cancer and heart attack.

4: Wax Melts are Long-Lasting

Wax melts come with more burning time than candles. They’re long-lasting. Studies suggest that wax melts absorb the heat more slowly. They can release scent without being heated or burning. As a result, the evaporation process becomes slow, which makes it last longer. Moreover, traditional candles require a flame to burn-means fragrance will be released when the wax is heated at high temperature. That’s why; candles are likely to evaporate at a faster rate.


5: You don't need a flame to melt a wax melt.

Wax melt tarts or cubes are warmed on the wax warmers. They come in different styles. You can choose the one that will fit your home decor. Some wax warmers heat the wax using the votive or tea light while others are electric wax warmer. All you need to plug your wax warmer into an outlet. The wax will be heated on the warmer tray. If you use electric warmer to heat the wax melt, it will give you scent without a flame.


6: Fragrance Intensity Control

There is no secret that everyone loves a delightful fragrance. Wax melts give you lovely scents that last longer. At Jessica Jane, we use the highest ratio of scent for soy wax melts. We don’t compromise on the quality and scents of wax melts. Our scented wax melts give you aroma intensity control which means you can control over the fragrance. In order to control aroma intensity, break the wax melt tarts into small pieces. Above all, you can also add some other scent and blend your wax melts into it. Sounds fantastic, right? Simply, break the cube into small pieces and put them in the wax warmer tray. Our Apple Pie wax melt is a great example of blend wax melt that leaves you happy and carefree.  


7: Wax melts are more convenient than candles

Wax melts are more convenient than traditional candles. That’s why they are used in the dorms and offices where usually candles are banned due to its flame and soot. Most parents revere them who have kids and pets around. Wax melts need no matches or lighter to burn that make them more convenient. They are compact and come in the storage bags or box. They are available in a variety of shapes, so you can easily transport them and break apart. When you want to enjoy scent for longer period, drop a small piece of wax melt into the warmer and enjoy the amazing smell. Wax melt can last from eight hours to two days.


8: Wax melting is fun

One of the wax melts' best advantages is that you can create your own customized scent by mixing other scents. You can mix your wax tart or cubes to create your favourite scents. To create your customized scent, the size of wax melts should be the same. It depends on which aroma you want stronger. Break them off into small pieces and place them into the wax warmer. Alternatively, you can use the wax melt warmers that are specifically designed for the wax melt mixing. If you want to create a similar fragrance note, use the mixed wax melts that has almost similar fragrance and create a perfect customized scent.


9: Wax melts are inexpensive.

The best thing about wax melts is that you can choose your favorite scent without taking a toll on your wallet. They are cheaper than candles. They normally range from £2.19 to £5.86 per item. 


10: Wax melts are environmentally friendly.

Wax melts are so great, as they don’t require burning the wick to release the fragrance. Furthermore, they don’t make soot, unlike candles that make them environmentally friendly compared to candles. The wax warmer bring the wax cube or tarts into its melting point.


Light Your Way Candle Co. offers nine different types of wax melts. We offer fresh linen, French pear, Apple Cinnamon, Lavender, Lemongrass Eucalyptus, Caramel Vanilla, Coconut Vanilla and Jasmine Sandalwood. Try your favorite wax melts; they will definitely leave your home scented for hours. Have you ever mixed any fragrance and create your customized scent. If yes, let us know what your most favourite wax melt blend is? 

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